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Addison Harbaugh Introduction

Addison Harbaugh is an outstanding character in American VIP circles, essentially perceived as the little girl of Jim Harbaugh, a conspicuous American football trainer whose complete name is James Joseph Harbaugh. Her mom, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, assumes a huge part in the relational peculiarities. Grace, Jay, Katherine, and James Harbaugh, Addison’s siblings, make up the large, close-knit family that surrounds her. Her grandparents, Jacqueline M. 

Harbaugh and Jack Harbaugh, are part of her family’s history. Merle Feuerborn, Alta Feuerborn, and Harbaugh Her great-grandparents, William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh, add to the depth of her ancestry. Joani Harbaugh, Mary Beth Feuerborn, Pamela Feuerborn, Anna Marie Feuerborn, and Amy Marie Feuerborn are just a few of Addison’s many aunts. Her seven uncles include famous people like John Harbaugh and Joseph Henry Feuerborn. Addison is unique in the American celebrity scene because of her extensive family network and her father’s prominence in the sports industry.

Who Is Addison Harbaugh?

Due primarily to her connections with her father, the renowned American football coach Jim Harbaugh, whose full name is James Joseph Harbaugh, Addison Harbaugh has attracted a lot of attention as an American celebrity. Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, her mother, is an essential member of their family’s dynamic. Addison is experiencing childhood in a vivacious family with four kin: Beauty, Jay, Katherine, and James. 

Addison’s family tree is full of famous people because it comes from a football-related lineage. Jacqueline M. and Jack Harbaugh, her grandparents, Harbaugh, Alta Feuerborn, and Merle Feuerborn, have all had an impact in shaping this rich family legacy. Further back, her extraordinary grandparents, William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh, add to the family inheritance. Addison is surrounded by numerous aunts, including Joani Harbaugh, Mary Beth Feuerborn, Pamela Feuerborn, Anna Marie Feuerborn, and Amy Marie Feuerborn, in addition to her immediate family. 

Her uncles, among whom John Harbaugh and Joseph Henry Feuerborn are remarkable figures, likewise add to the family’s unmistakable quality. Clearly, Addison is growing up in a family that is supportive and close-knit, with strong family ties and a common love of football.

Addison Harbaugh Biography

 Addison Harbaugh, the child of prestigious football trainer Jim Harbaugh, has made critical monetary progress all through his vocation. With an expected total assets of $35 million, Addison has fabricated areas of strength for an establishment. His abundance comes from an effective profession as a previous football player and mentor, supported by worthwhile brand supports and agreements. 

Addison’s career in the sports sector has allowed him to accumulate a substantial amount of riches and valuables, making him a very successful individual. In order to fully appreciate the depth of his financial success, we need to look into the various factors that have contributed to his impressive overall assets.

Addison Harbaugh Wiki

Real NameAddison Harbaugh
Nick NameAddison
Date of Birth2015
Age (as of 2024)9 years
Birthday PlaceUnited States
Height (Tall)3 feet 9 inches (114 cm)
1.14 m
WeightKilograms: 16 Kg
Pounds: 35 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Body Measurements24-20-21
Net WorthNone (as of 2024)

Addison Harbaugh Education

 Addison Harbaugh started his education at Pioneer High School after graduating from Tappan Junior High School. The family later moved to Palo Alto, California, when his dad was designated as the protective facilitator at Stanford College. Jim Harbaugh immediately acquired distinction while going to Palo Alto Secondary School. 

He earned his degree in 1982 and left a lasting impression with his outstanding abilities in baseball, basketball, and football. Jim was certainly the champion star of the school, known for his striking athletic capacities.

Addison HarbaughAge

In the year 2024, Addison Harbaugh, who was brought into the world in 2015, will turn nine years of age.Because of her conspicuous family foundation, she has drawn in a ton of consideration for her young age.Jim Harbaugh, an unmistakable American football coach, and Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh have a little girl named Addison.Addison was brought up in a prominent family with a long history of supporting American football. 

Subsequently, he was presented to the game and its way of life since early on. Sarah, her mother, is an important member of the family, and Jim, whose full name is James Joseph Harbaugh, is a significant figure in the football world. Addison gives her home to Effortlessness, Jay, Katherine, and James Harbaugh, her four siblings. Her illustrious ancestry is enriched by her great-grandparents, William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh, as well as her grandparents, Jacqueline M. and Jack Harbaugh, Alta Feuerborn, and Merle Feuerborn. Surprisingly early on, Addison is now important for a loving, stable family environment that includes a love of football and strong family ties.

Addison Harbaugh Height

Addison Harbaugh will be 114 centimeters (3 feet 9 inches) tall in 2024. This level is ordinary for a 9-year-old, thinking of her as birth year is 2015. Due to her prominent family history, Addison has already gained recognition despite her young age and petite frame. She is the daughter of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh and well-known American football coach Jim Harbaugh. Addison’s family is an important part of the sports community because they were raised in a household that was deeply involved in American football. 

Her mother, Sarah, plays a crucial part in the dynamics of their family, while her father, James Joseph Harbaugh, holds a significant position in the sports arena. Addison imparts her home to her kin, Elegance, Jay, Katherine, and James Harbaugh. With grandparents like Jack Harbaugh, Jacqueline M. Harbaugh, Alta Feuerborn, and Merle Feuerborn, alongside extraordinary grandparents William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh, Addison’s family ancestry runs profound. It is evident that Addison is growing up in a nurturing environment with strong family ties and a shared love of football, despite her height reflecting her young age.

Addison Harbaugh Personal Life

Addison Harbaugh, the legendary football coach’s son, comes from a family that is very involved in sports, particularly football. Jay, James, Grace, Katherine, Jack, John, and Sarah are his siblings, and they all share a love of the game. Addison has been immersed in the values and enthusiasm of football since childhood because of his upbringing in such a setting. 

With respect to individual life, Addison Harbaugh has decided to keep his conjugal status and any insights regarding potential kids private. While keeping up with this degree of security, obviously Addison’s childhood and family foundation have altogether formed his inclinations and valuable open doors. Addison’s personal journey is intricately linked to the illustrious legacy of his family because he is a descendant of a well-known football player. While certain points of interest stay protected from general visibility, the getting through impact of his family’s relationship with football keeps on directing his way.

Addison Harbaugh Family

 We witness the union of two marriages in the story of Jim Harbaugh’s family, with each marriage contributing significantly to the creation of an extraordinary legacy. From 1996 to 2006, he was married to Miah Harbaugh, and they had three children together: Grace, Jay, and James. Notably, Jay Harbaugh has assumed the position of special teams/safeties coach at Michigan, following in his father’s footsteps. 

In 2008, Jim left on another section in everyday life when he wedded Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Together, they invited four youngsters – Addison, Katherine, Jack, and John, each contributing their own novel tones to the rich woven artwork of the Harbaugh family story.

Addison Harbaugh Career

Addison Harbaugh is still far too young to have started her own professional adventure in 2024 at the age of nine. But her life is greatly influenced by the successful careers of her family members, especially her father Jim Harbaugh and other relatives in the sports business.  Referred to officially as James Joseph Harbaugh, her dad has partaken in a wonderful vocation both as a player and a mentor in American football. 

Addison’s upbringing and environment have undoubtedly been influenced by his influence and accomplishments. Football is ingrained in every member of Addison’s immediate family. Her dad, Jim, is a famous football trainer, by and by driving the College of Michigan’s football crew. Jim has coached at Stanford University and the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, among other prestigious teams. Having grown up in a football-mad household and participating in practices and games, Addison has been fully engaged in the sport all of his life. 

Her sibling, Jay Harbaugh, has followed their dad’s way, cutting out his own vocation in football training. Jay’s decision demonstrates the close relationship his family has with the sport, as he currently serves as the safeties and special teams coach at the University of Michigan. Because of this upbringing, Addison has a unique perspective and early appreciation for professional sports.


Family Legacy: Addison Harbaugh is the daughter of Jim Harbaugh, a prominent American football coach known for his tenure at the University of Michigan. Her mother, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, also plays a significant role in their family dynamics.

Siblings: Addison has four siblings: Grace, Jay, Katherine, and James Harbaugh, making up a close-knit family with deep roots in the sports industry.

Family Heritage: Addison’s family tree includes illustrious names such as Jack Harbaugh, Jacqueline M. Harbaugh, Alta Feuerborn, and Merle Feuerborn, as well as great-grandparents William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh.

Celebrity Status: Despite her young age, Addison has garnered attention in American VIP circles due to her family’s prominence in the sports industry, particularly her father’s influence.

Football-Oriented Upbringing: Growing up in a household deeply involved in football, Addison has been exposed to the sport and its culture from an early age, attending games and practices with her family.

Supportive Environment: Addison is immersed in a supportive and tightly knit family environment, bound together by their shared love for football and strong familial bonds.


Addison Harbaugh, born in 2015, is the daughter of renowned American football coach Jim Harbaugh and Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Growing up in a household with deep ties to football, Addison is surrounded by a supportive family, including four siblings. With a family tree enriched by prominent names in the sports industry, Addison has already gained recognition in American celebrity circles despite her young age.


1. What is Addison Harbaugh’s family background?

Addison comes from a family deeply entrenched in football, with her father, Jim Harbaugh, being a prominent football coach. She has four siblings and a family tree that includes notable names like Jack Harbaugh and William Avon Harbaugh.

2. What has contributed to Addison Harbaugh’s celebrity status?

Addison’s celebrity status is primarily due to her family’s prominence in the sports industry, particularly her father’s influence as a renowned football coach.

3. Is Addison Harbaugh involved in sports herself?

At her young age, Addison has not yet embarked on her own professional career. However, she is growing up in a family deeply involved in football, which may influence her interests in the future.

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