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Know About Differences & Uses of Light Microscope and Electron Microscope!

Do you know which discovery let us know that our body has the fundamental unit known as a cell? It was due to the help of a powerful yet essential diagnostic tool known as the Microscope. Microscopes open the doors for scientists and researchers to explore the surroundings with the help of highly resolved lenses used in the microscope. Scientists today can see across the tissues or the minute microorganisms and bacteria only with the help of a Microscope. A microscope is a reason behind the discoveries of big and small discoveries of life.

The study of biology or the study about molecular structure present inside the organisms can never be easier if a Microscope was not invented. The survey done under the highly resolute lens of microscope helps in affirming the various lab tests done for diagnosing the disease from which the patient might be suffering from. A microscope consists of many essential parts to have a clear picture of the particular specimen kept under it. It comes with visible light, lenses for refraction, negatively charged particles called electrons, X-Rays, Infrared Rays. They are perfect for the detection of minute specimens at ease.

Majorly Used Microscope

Light Microscope & Electron Microscope are one of the majorly used microscopes today. The light microscope is also known as the optical microscope. Here, the light is passed from the machine across the specimen kept under the microscope to have a magnifying image of the specimen. A camera is also used to have a view of digitized images. Before the specimen can be seen under a microscope. The slide is mounted with various solutions to have a clearer view of the specimen. One of the light microscope known as the modern compound light microscopes can magnify up to 1000x – 2000x

In comparison to the Light microscope, the electron microscope makes use of electrons rather than the light that is bombarded in the form of beams on the given slide. Here the computer technology is used to get the image of the provided specimen. One of the electron microscope known as transmission electron microscope magnifies up to 10,000,000x

Through these microscopes, you can easily study the cell, tissue, and organ of the provided bacteria, germ, microorganism, all the organisms which cannot be seen through the naked eye. Now the virtual microscopy is used widely for getting the digitalized views of the resolved images produced by the above-discussed microscopes.

Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope is another type of electron microscope transmitting the three-dimensional images of the bombarded electrons across the specimen. The main theory on which the STM works is the tunneling effect or the quantum tunneling theory where the energy of electrons is accelerated in comparison to their total energy. This electron can also penetrate the space which regions are impossible to get through. This space is termed a tunnel.

Fruitful Uses Of Light Microscope And Electron Microscope

Light Microscope is majorly used in revealing various studies in today’s biology, microbiology, or pathological studies.

Light Microscope helps in the study of the organism cell and tissues in detail.

The advancement and the grown technology also made the light microscope fruitful in observing the real-time movement of different kinds of cells present in the organisms.

Electron Microscope is used for several forensic science investigations.

Electron Microscope can also be used for the study of several viruses.

Electron Microscope makes it easier to see the minute microorganisms with the help of bombardment electrons that get refracted across the specimen.

Electron Microscope helps in providing the anatomical images of tiny insects, worms, gametes, or other types of organic structures of the specimen.

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